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The meaning of life still doesn't interest me...

From Complex Time

Dervis is of course trying to yank my chain, here, and that's fair enough, but there's also an issue worth discussing. First, I'm going to say a little more about where I was coming from. Ecology has a long and tedious history of theory that has little do with the concerns of empiricists. Part of the problem was that the theory was often untestable, and that has been a huge problem. For theory to be truly useful in applications, however, I think it has to explain the consequences of quantities that can be tested. From that perspective, at the end of the meeting, we finally began to focus on statistics that might act as signatures of irreversibility. That is when I began to be interested. Hopefully @Jacopo will at some point post the notes from the end of that discussion, I can see if I still believe in irreversibility as something that can actually be studied.