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Irreversible Processes in Ecological Evolution/AnnetteOstling

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Notes by user Annette Ostling (Univ. Michigan) for Irreversible Processes in Ecological Evolution

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Questions I raised in my talk

In my talk I highlighted that the formation of clusters on trait axes has some degree of irreversibility, in the sense that under strong competitive sorting, once a species dominates a particular cluster it is unlikely to loose its foothold. It would take a strong perturbation in species' abundances, or a change in which species are favored by the environment, to change which species would dominate in each cluster. Further, once certain species have gained a foothold in each cluster, this influence any subsequent assembly or evolution of the community.

The questions I posed about this particular phenomenon of irreversibility are:

1) How is the rate of competitive sorting, i.e. the strength of cluster formation, and hence degree of irreversibility, shaped by the mechanisms of competition? Do clusters emerge for all realistic competition mechanisms?

2) How will the strength of cluster formation depend on spatial scale, and how will this be influenced by the strength and scale of dispersal, relative to the scale of any heterogeneity involved in niche differentiation mechanisms?

3) Is the irreversibility of community pattern formation a particular concern for

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The application of statistical physics to evolutionary biology Guy Sella, Aaron E. Hirsh PNAS 2005 0 5

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Emergent structure and dynamics in stochastic, open, competitive communities

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