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Contact: Chris Kempes, Project Principal Investigator,

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Hi $1,

Thank you for participating in the Santa Fe Institute (SFI) "Evolving Chemical Systems" working group (WG), 11/13/2019 - 11/15/2019, co-organized by Oana Carja (Carnegie Mellon Univ.), David Baum (Univ. Wisconsin), and Chris Kempes (SFI).

We have created a Wiki page for the meeting which can be found here.

The Wiki page includes up-to-date information about the participants, agenda, meeting synopsis, references, and more.

The login information below will allow you to create discussion forums, upload & download reference materials, and make other edits to the Wiki. For copyright reasons the uploaded references are password protected on the wiki. As a participant of this meeting, you should be able to see the encryption key and download the references once you are logged in.

Please use the following log-in details:

Username: $1
Password (randomly generated): $2

You can change your password once you have logged in, by going to the wiki top right corner, blue people icon -> Preferences, scroll down to the "Basic information" box, where it says Password: Change password. If you ever forget your password, you can follow the "forget your password" on the wiki log in page, or ask Amy ( or Chris ( to reset your password.

For your convenience, a PDF with all of the meeting information can also be found here.


Chris, Oana, David