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Nicolle Zellner
Albion College
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Nicolle Zellner's research involves understanding the impact history of the Earth-Moon system. Professor Zellner studies the geochemical and chronological information obtained from lunar impact glasses in order to understand how many impact events the lunar surface has suffered. This information can then be applied to understanding the conditions required for life on Earth and how impact events may have affected its origin and evolution. She is also interested in understanding how biomolecules are transferred among planetary bodies, such as via comet or asteroid impacts, and how their chemistry may change in an impact event. Professor Zellner has been affiliated with the New York Center for Astrobiology, a NASA Astrobiology Institute, with research funding from the American Astronomical Society and the NASA Astrobiology Institute. Her lunar research is currently supported by NASA and the NSF, and her impact research is supported by NASA. Both projects have additionally been supported by Albion College faculty development funds.

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