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== Modify the quotes ==
This page is for help suitable for admins.
To modify the quotes on the right side of the page, click [{{fullurl:MediaWiki:santafe-quotes|action=edit}} here].
== Modify the Main Page slideshow ==
To modify the Main Page slideshow, click [{{fullurl:Project:Home/Slideshow|action=formedit}} here].
== Approve revisions ==
Use [[Special:ApprovedRevs|this page]].
# Using the links at the top of that page, load the desired list of pages.
# Click the page title.
# Click '''{{int:ellipsis}}'''.
# Click '''History'''.
# Find the desired revision and click '''{{int:approvedrevs-approve}}'''.
== GoogleDocCreator ==
Use [[Special:GoogleDocCreator|this page]].
== Files/Uploads ==
=== Uploading a file ===
To upload a Presentation File or Related File for an agenda item, that must be done from the relevant Agenda item's page. For other files:
# Prepare the file on your computer in its final format. Make sure the file is exactly as you want it.
# Navigate to [[Special:Upload|this page]].
# Click "Browse" next to the "{{int:sourcefilename}}" to locate the file on your computer. (The "browse" button may have a different label depending on your web browser.)
# Change the "'''{{int:destfilename}}'''" to something descriptive, if necessary.
# Fill in the "'''{{int:filedesc}}'''", if necessary.
# Click the "'''{{int:uploadbtn}}'''" button.
If it is a large file, you may need to wait several seconds for the upload to complete.
=== Delete a file ===
To delete a file:
# Click [{{fullurl:Special:Search|profile=images&fulltext=1}} here] to go to the multimedia search page.
# Enter a part of the File name and click {{int:searchbutton}}.
# In the results list, click the File name to be deleted.
# On the File page, click '''{{int:ellipsis}}'''.
# Click '''Delete'''.
'''Note:''' Presentation files and Related files offer their own way to delete those files from the Agenda page. The above is also a working alternative for those files.
== Forums ==
=== Meeting Forums ===
* Every Meeting page displays a button at the bottom to create a Meeting Forum (if the Forum hasn't already been created).
* After clicking the button, the Meeting Forum is automatically created on the Meeting page's "Discussion" page.
* Once the Meeting Forum has been created, instead of showing the button, the Meeting page will display a link to the Meeting Forum page, and will also display the number of comments currently on the Meeting Forum page.
* The Meeting Forum landing page is [[Project:Forums|here]]. That page lists all the forums that have been created, as well as the Meeting's Type and Year.
== Accounts ==
=== Create accounts ===
Use [[Special:Createaccount|this page]].
Note that a User Page also needs to be created in order for the person to appear as an option for adding on forms. User Page need to be created under Researchers.
=== Edit account info (email address, password, real name) ===
Use [[Special:EditAccount|this page]].
=== Reset User passwords ===
Use [[Special:MassPasswordReset|this page]].

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This page is for help suitable for admins.