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Modify the quotes[edit | edit source]

To modify the quotes on the right side of the page, click here.

Modify the Main Page slideshow[edit | edit source]

To modify the Main Page slideshow, click here.

Approve revisions[edit | edit source]

Use this page.


  1. Using the links at the top of that page, load the desired list of pages.
  2. Click the page title.
  3. Click ....
  4. Click History.
  5. Find the desired revision and click approve.

GoogleDocCreator[edit | edit source]

Use this page.

Files/Uploads[edit | edit source]

Uploading a file[edit | edit source]

To upload a Presentation File or Related File for an agenda item, that must be done from the relevant Agenda item's page. For other files:

  1. Prepare the file on your computer in its final format. Make sure the file is exactly as you want it.
  2. Navigate to this page.
  3. Click "Browse" next to the "Source filename:" to locate the file on your computer. (The "browse" button may have a different label depending on your web browser.)
  4. Change the "Destination filename:" to something descriptive, if necessary.
  5. Fill in the "Summary", if necessary.
  6. Click the "Upload file" button.

If it is a large file, you may need to wait several seconds for the upload to complete.

Delete a file[edit | edit source]

To delete a file:

  1. Click here to go to the multimedia search page.
  2. Enter a part of the File name and click Search.
  3. In the results list, click the File name to be deleted.
  4. On the File page, click ....
  5. Click Delete.

Note: Presentation files and Related files offer their own way to delete those files from the Agenda page. The above is also a working alternative for those files.

Forums[edit | edit source]

Meeting Forums[edit | edit source]

  • Every Meeting page displays a button at the bottom to create a Meeting Forum (if the Forum hasn't already been created).
  • After clicking the button, the Meeting Forum is automatically created on the Meeting page's "Discussion" page.
  • Once the Meeting Forum has been created, instead of showing the button, the Meeting page will display a link to the Meeting Forum page, and will also display the number of comments currently on the Meeting Forum page.
  • The Meeting Forum landing page is here. That page lists all the forums that have been created, as well as the Meeting's Type and Year.

Accounts[edit | edit source]

Create accounts[edit | edit source]

Use this page. Note that a User Page also needs to be created in order for the person to appear as an option for adding on forms. User Page need to be created under Researchers.

Edit account info (email address, password, real name)[edit | edit source]

Use this page.

Reset User passwords[edit | edit source]

Use this page.