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|Start date/time=December 18, 2019
|Start date/time=December 18, 2019
|End date/time=December 20, 2019
|End date/time=December 20, 2019
|Attendee list=JessicaFlack;TakashiIkegami;ArtemyKolchinsky;DavidKrakauer;SarahMarzen;SusanneStill
|Attendee list=JessicaFlack;TakashiIkegami;ArtemyKolchinsky;DavidKrakauer;SarahMarzen;SusanneStill;NihatAy

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Date/Time: December 18, 2019 - December 20, 2019

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  • Lee Cronin (Univ. Glasgow)

  • Chris Kempes (SFI)

  • Sara Walker (Arizona State University)

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