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Chris Kempes
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Chris Kempes is a scientist working at the intersection of physics, biology, and the earth sciences. Using mathematical and computational techniques he studies how simple theoretical principles inform a variety of phenomena ranging from major evolutionary life-history transitions, to the biogeography of plant traits, to the organization of bacterial communities. He is particularly interested in biological architecture as a mediator between physiology and the local environment.

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Involvement in the Origins Research Theme


This user is listed as an organizer for the following meetings:

  1. Evolving Chemical Systems
  2. Information Transitions in Life
  3. Major Transitions in Life: Origins to Translation


This user is listed as a presenter for the following agenda items:

  1. Evolving Chemical Systems/Overview of the meeting and foundational concepts
  2. Major Transitions in Life: Origins to Translation/Extrapolating from general theories of modern life to the origins of life
  3. Major Transitions in Life: Origins to Translation/Welcome to SFI and RCN Introduction