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Thermodynamics of Computation

Andy Adamatzky

From Thermodynamics of Computation

Biography: Andrew Adamatzky is Professor of Unconventional Computing and Director of the Unconventional Computing Laboratory, Department of Computer Science, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK. He does research in molecular computing, reaction-diffusion computing, collision-based computing, cellular automata, slime mould computing, massive parallel computation, applied mathematics, complexity, nature-inspired optimisation, collective intelligence and robotics, bionics, computational psychology, non-linear science, novel hardware, and future and emergent computation. He authored seven books, mostly notable are `Reaction-Diffusion Computing’, `Dynamics of Crow Minds’, `Physarum Machines’, and edited twenty-two books in computing, most notable are `Collision Based Computing’, `Game of Life Cellular Automata’, `Memristor Networks’; he also produced a series of influential artworks published in the atlas `Silence of Slime Mould’. He is founding editor-in-chief of ‘J of Cellular Automata’ and “ J of Unconventional Computing’ and editor-in-chief of “J Parallel, Emergent, Distributed Systems’ and ‘Parallel Processing Letters’.

Field(s) of Research: Chemical Reaction Networks, Computer Science Engineering to Address Energy Costs, Computer Science Theory, Thermodynamics of Neurobiology, Artificial Biological Computation, Logically Reversible Computing, Naturally Occurring Biological Computation

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