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Thermodynamics of Computation

Gašper Tkačik

From Thermodynamics of Computation

Biography: Gašper Tkačik is a theoretical physicist who studies information processing in living systems. He uses tools from statistical physics of disordered systems and from information theory to investigate biological systems such as networks of neurons or genes. The unifying hypothesis driving his research has been that information processing networks have evolved or adapted to maximize the information transmitted from their inputs to the outputs, given the biophysical noise and resource constraints. He works closely with experimentalists and analyzes data sets that record simultaneously the behavior of many network components. Results of his work gave insight into the principles of genetic regulation in early morphogenesis of Drosophila and of information coding in retinal ganglion cells. In the future, he plans to expand his activities to study collective behavior and cellular self-organization.

Field(s) of Research: Thermodynamics of Neurobiology, Thermodynamics of Single Cells, Naturally Occurring Biological Computation

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