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Thermodynamics of Computation

Sadasivan Shankar

From Thermodynamics of Computation

Biography: Sadasivan Shankar is Research Technology Manager of Microelectronics in SLAC National Laboratory, Adjunct Professor in Materials Science and Engineering in Stanford University . He was the first Margaret and Will Hearst Visiting Lecturer in Harvard University. He has co-instructed several graduate-level classes on Computational Materials Design, Extreme Computing for Real Applications, and Mitigating Toxicity by Materials Design. He is involved in research in the areas of materials, chemistry, multi-scale and non-equilibrium methods, and large-scale computational methods. Dr. Shankar earned his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science from University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. He is a co-inventor in over twenty patent filings covering areas in new chemical reactor designs, semiconductor processes, bulk and nano materials, device structures, and algorithms. He is also a co-author in over hundred publications and presentations in measurements, multi-scale and multi-physics methods spanning from quantum scale to macroscopic scales, in the areas of chemical synthesis, plasma chemistry and processing, non-equilibrium electronic, ionic, and atomic transport, energy efficiency of information processing, and machine learning methods for bridging across scales, and estimating complex materials properties and in process control. Dr. Shankar is a co-founder of Material Alchemy, a “last mile” translational and independent venture in materials design for accelerating materials discovery to adoption, with environmental sustainability as a key goal.

Field(s) of Research: Chemical Reaction Networks, Computer Science Engineering to Address Energy Costs, General Non-equilibrium Statistical Physics, Logically Reversible Computing, Naturally Occurring Biological Computation

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