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Thermodynamics of Computation

Takahiro Sagawa

From Thermodynamics of Computation

Biography: Nonequilibrium statistical physics (theory) and related fields. Keywords: Thermodynamics of information, fluctuation theorems, quantum thermodynamics. Quantum information theory (quantum estimation etc), quantum open systems, quantum feedback control. Theoretical biophysics (molecular motors etc).

Field(s) of Research: General Non-equilibrium Statistical Physics, Stochastic Thermodynamics, Quantum Thermodynamics and Information Processing

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  1. Experimental demonstration of information-to-energy conversion and validation of the generalized Jarzynski equality
  2. Fluctuation theorem for partially masked nonequilibrium dynamics
  3. Fluctuation theorem with information exchange: Role of correlations in stochastic thermodynamics
  4. Generalized Jarzynski equality under nonequilibrium feedback control
  5. Geometrical expression of excess entropy production
  6. Hamiltonian derivations of the generalized Jarzynski equalities under feedback control
  7. Heat engine driven by purely quantum information
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  9. Information Thermodynamics: Maxwell's Demon in Nonequilibrium Dynamics
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