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Thermodynamics of Computation

Christopher Jarzynski

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Biography: My research group and I focus on statistical mechanics and thermodynamics at the molecular level, with a particular emphasis on far-from-equilibrium phenomena. We have worked on topics that include the application of statistical mechanics to problems of biophysical interest; the analysis of artificial molecular machines; the development of efficient numerical schemes for estimating thermodynamic properties of complex systems; the relationship between thermodynamics and information processing. We also have interests in dynamical systems, quantum thermodynamics, and quantum and classical shortcuts to adiabaticity.

Field(s) of Research: General Non-equilibrium Statistical Physics, Stochastic Thermodynamics, Quantum Thermodynamics and Information Processing

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  3. Equalities and Inequalities: Irreversibility and the Second Law of Thermodynamics at the Nanoscale
  4. Escorted free energy simulations: Improving convergence by reducing dissipation
  5. Fluctuation relations and coarse-graining
  6. Good practices in free-energy calculations
  7. Information processing and the second law of thermodynamics: An inclusive, Hamiltonian approach
  8. Lag inequality for birth-death processes with time-dependent rates
  9. Maxwell's refrigerator: An exactly solvable model
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