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Dynamic Multi-System Resilience in Human Aging/PorterSwentzell

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Notes by user Porter Swentzell (Institute of American Indian Arts) for Dynamic Multi-System Resilience in Human Aging

Post-meeting Reflection

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There was fascinating information presented during the first day. My background is not in the field of geriatrics or human aging so I learned a great deal during the course of the day. I was particularly interested in systems theory and its connection with aging and stress factors. This information resonated strongly with my own thoughts regarding human societies and cultures through time. My own interest is in social systems and I wonder what these findings mean for aging within these systems. How do specific social systems promote or degrade resiliency? What is the role of culture in the study of human aging? How often are cultural differences considered in bio-medical studies of aging?

The presentations during the second day gave some practical insights into resilience. The presentation of ecological models by Ingrid Leemput were useful analogues in thinking about human aging and resilience. I cannot help but think about how human experiences are often extracted out of ecology and perhaps vice versa. How do perturbances in our environments impact human resilience in multiple ways? Heather Whitson's real-life example resonated with many of my own experiences and made the idea of resilience much more visceral. I appreciated the discussion of mice aging in comparison with human aging. Overall, lots of food for thought.

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  • Schwartz et al. 2017 offers a review on [ABC] migration as relate to climatic factors (add the reference as well).

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Resilience in New Mexico’s Indigenous Communities

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