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Population and the Environment: Analytical Demography and Applied Population Ethics/AmanBorkar

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Notes by user Aman Borkar (Tata Inst. of Social Sciences) for Population and the Environment: Analytical Demography and Applied Population Ethics

Post-meeting Reflection

1+ paragraphs on any combination of the following:

  • Presentation highlights
  • Open questions that came up
  • How your perspective changed
  • Impact on your own work
  • e.g. the discussion on [A] that we are having reminds me of [B] conference/[C] initiative/[D] funding call-for-proposal/[E] research group

I have learnt the linkages between various themes presented from extinction to population demographics to family planning and conservation. Although most of the data presented has limited and very specific variables but the presentation of such variables and correlation between the variable is non-conventional. However, much of the focus of explanation of such linkages is quantitative rather than qualitative. Thus, there is huge scope of finding more meaning to the data and substantiating the quantitative findings with the qualitative ones.

In this two-day seminar, I have identified around 18 new interdisciplinary topics to research on. In my coming teaching and field sessions at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Mumbai-India), I will be working on these 18 topics with my Master's Students

Reference material notes

Some examples:

  • Here is [A] database on [B] that I pull data from to do [C] analysis that might be of interest to this group (insert link).
  • Here is a free tool for calculating [ABC] (insert link)
  • This painting/sculpture/forms of artwork is emblematic to our discussion on [X]!
  • Schwartz et al. 2017 offers a review on [ABC] migration as relate to climatic factors (add the reference as well).

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