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Population and the Environment: Analytical Demography and Applied Population Ethics/EvaNurwita

From Complex Time

Notes by user Eva Nurwita (Univ. New Mexico) for Population and the Environment: Analytical Demography and Applied Population Ethics

Post-meeting Reflection

I am very grateful that I got a chance to attend this very great meetings and met with great people from a very diverse background, and diverse field of knowledge. I am an economics graduate student, whom before came to this meeting has a very limited knowledge on how broad is the population-climate problem. As I am exposed to the knowledge I received from this very meeting, I now have a sense of more factors that made my mind opened quite larger than before. I now understand that as some more people out there debating on which one to do first from which part of the world and what scientific method to be used, the more effective way to do is to tackle population-climate problem in collaborative scientific methodology, the way this meeting has been set up since the very beginning.

Reference material notes

I am currently using a very broad survey data from Indonesia, capturing very broad aspects of households. But the most interesting thing about this data is about children characteristics and migration characteristics from a couple of country such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Mexico. They called Family Life Survey. This survey data is freely available in RAND Corporation site.

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