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Population and the Environment: Analytical Demography and Applied Population Ethics/NadiaFarooq

From Complex Time

Notes by user Nadia Farooq (Pakistan Inst. Development Economics) for Population and the Environment: Analytical Demography and Applied Population Ethics

Post-meeting Reflection

1+ paragraphs on any combination of the following:

  • Presentation highlights
  • Open questions that came up
  • How your perspective changed
  • Impact on your own work
  • e.g. the discussion on [A] that we are having reminds me of [B] conference/[C] initiative/[D] funding call-for-proposal/[E] research group

It was a nicely designed course. It has developed a new sense of getting solutions with the help of complex modelling.

I am thinking to evolve a new model with the mixture of burning issue of climate change and increasing population growth into the macroeconomic model for Pakistan. I am sure that it’ll be unique with the addition of complexity.

Dr. Shenka’s presentation was very interesting, either as a citizen of South Asia, the outcomes were not unfamiliar to me but her way of presentation was amazing and easily understandable.

Reference material notes

Some examples:

  • Here is [A] database on [B] that I pull data from to do [C] analysis that might be of interest to this group (insert link).
  • Here is a free tool for calculating [ABC] (insert link)
  • This painting/sculpture/forms of artwork is emblematic to our discussion on [X]!
  • Schwartz et al. 2017 offers a review on [ABC] migration as relate to climatic factors (add the reference as well).

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