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COMPLEX TIME: Adaptation, Aging, & Arrow of Time

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Contact: Caitlin Lorraine McShea, Program Manager,

Toward a multi-scale theory of birth and death pattern

From Complex Time

Category: Core Theory

Date/Time: November 24, 2020 - January 4, 2021

Location: By Zoom

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  • Annette Baudisch (Univ. Southern Denmark)

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    Meeting Synopsis

    In this meeting on approaches to a multi-scale theory of birth and death patterns we are convening a small and informal group to discuss both the scope of a new application area in the JSMF funded Complex Time research theme as well as identifying key individuals we would like to become involved. We seek to identify diverse expertise in order to integrate birth-development-death concepts across a broad range of adaptive scales. The meeting is centered around four basic questions: (1) how best to conceptualize the individual? (2) how and why individuals age (3) how models should vary as a function of application domain (e.g. biology or culture) and (4) how we might parameterize universal patterns of aging.

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