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COMPLEX TIME: Adaptation, Aging, & Arrow of Time

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John Doyle
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Jean-Lou Chameau Professor of CDS, Caltech. BS&MS EE, MIT (1977), PhD Math, UC Berkeley (1984)). Mathematical foundations for complex networks. Applications in bio, tech, med, eco, and neuro systems, and multiscale physics, integrating theory from control, computation, communication, optimization, statistics. Universal laws and architectures, robustness/efficiency and speed/accuracy tradeoffs, adaptability, evolvability, large scale systems with sparse, saturating, delayed, quantized, uncertain sensing, communications, computing, and actuation. Robust control with aerospace and industrial applications. Software such as Matlab Robust Control Toolbox and Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML). Paper prizes: IEEE Baker, Auto Control (2x), world top 10 papers in mathematics 1981-1993, AACC Schuck, ACM Sigcomm and “test of time”, and Best Writing on Mathematics 2010, and many conference best papers. Individual awards: IEEE Hickernell, Centennial, and Control Systems Field Award, AACC Eckman, and UC Berkeley Friedman, plus world records and championships in various sports.

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  1. Aging and Adaptation in Infectious Diseases II