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What is Sleep?/AlexHerman

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Notes by user Alex Herman (Univ. Minnesota) for What is Sleep?

Post-meeting Reflection

1+ paragraphs on any combination of the following:

  • Presentation highlights
  • Open questions that came up
  • How your perspective changed
  • Impact on your own work
  • e.g. the discussion on [A] that we are having reminds me of [B] conference/[C] initiative/[D] funding call-for-proposal/[E] research group

Does LC firing trigger upstate or is LC firing triggered by cortical down state?

Can paramaterizing models with anatomical distances and scaled time-constants lead to emergent behavior in dynamics of sleep wake cycles consistent with data?

What is the history dependence of sleep states? Are all REM and NREM sleep bouts created equal over the course of a night?


Oscillations: What sets the intrinsic rhythm of a cortical area? What reads out the phase-ordered temporal sequence of spikes?

Can animals have more localized forms of sleep?

How are the electrophysiological signals of REM sleep related to its functions?

How can animals with close phylogenetic relations show such different sleep patterns?

Do we have a phylogenetic history of the different functions/phenotypes of sleep?

Reference material notes

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  • Here is [A] database on [B] that I pull data from to do [C] analysis that might be of interest to this group (insert link).
  • Here is a free tool for calculating [ABC] (insert link)
  • This painting/sculpture/forms of artwork is emblematic to our discussion on [X]!
  • Schwartz et al. 2017 offers a review on [ABC] migration as relate to climatic factors (add the reference as well).

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